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“Religion, Society and Politics”: The Final Seminar

OrthSoc concludes the term with the event on religion, ethnicity and civil society in Russia
“Historico-Religious Bricolage and Civil Society in Contemporary Russia”

Thursday, 27 November, 6pm, House of St Gregory & St Macrina (1 Canterbury Road, OX2 6LU).

Marat_Shterin_200Michaelmas Term is coming to an end extremely fast, and this week OrthSoc is hosting its last speaker event of the term. The Society is delighted to welcome Dr Marat Shterin, Associate Professor of Sociolgoy of Religion at King’s College London, to speak about how historical memories and religion are constructed and used as justifications for either including or excluding particular actors in civil society in Russia. The seminar is based on the speaker’s fieldwork across regions and religions of Russia over the past 20 years. Dr Shterin will also present the material from his forthcoming book “Religion in the Remaking of Russia” (Oxofrd UP 2016).

Dr Marat Shterin is one of the leading experts on the new religious movements, religious minorities and radical religious groups in Russia. He has written extensively on religion and identity in relation to personal faith, ethnicity and nationhood. His most recent books include “Demystifying the Caliphate: Historical Memory and Contemporary Contexts (2012), “Dying for Faith: Religiously Motivated Violence in the Contemporary World” (2009) and special issue of “Journal of Religion, State and Society” – “Muslim Young People in the UK and Russia” (2011, vol. 39).

This event will not be podcasted, therefore we expect to see as many of our members and guests as possible. This event is open to the public. The drinks reception will conclude the evening.

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