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Events in Hilary term 2016

OrthSoc has prepared a number of events for Hilary term. All our meetings take place in St Gregory’s House, 1 Canterbury Road, OX2 6LU unless otherwise specified.


Week 2:  Thursday 28 January, 7pm – movie night ‘Virgin spring’ (I. Bergman, 1960)


Week 3: Tuesday 2 February, 7pm – talk by Fr Iriney Pikovsky ‘22 years of renewed monastic life in the heart of Moscow: MOSCOW SRETENSKY MONASTERY’
https://www . facebook . com/events/664535610354226/


Week 4: Thursday 11 February, 7pm – movie night ‘Stalker’ (A.Tarkovsky, 1979)


Week 5 or Week 6 date and time tbc – Orthodox Vespers in New College Chapel presided by Metr. Kallistos Ware


Week 7: Thursday 3 March, 7pm – movie night ‘Letters to Father Jacob’ (K. Härö, 2009)


Week 8: Thursday 10 March, 7pm – ‘Maslenitsa’ –  Pancake party – The cheese-fare week.


Have a great term!



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