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Launch of Patristics Reading Group

Beginning in the second half of this term (Hilary 2018), Oxford Orthodox Society and the Catholic Newman Society will be joining forces to organize Patristics reading sessions. We will be gathering together at least twice monthly during term-time to discuss some select texts from the Holy Fathers, arranged thematically.

The first of these will take place in the Catholic Chaplaincy (St Aldate’s, opposite Christ Church and near Campion Hall) at 9.30am, Saturday of 6th Week (February 24th). Tea and some Lenten breakfast foods (toast!) will be provided. All are very warmly invited to attend. Seeing as it is the end of the First Week in Lent, this is to be recommended highly as an opportunity to share in Christian fellowship and engage in spiritual reading that will deepen our observances of the Fast.

The theme for this session is ‘God and Man‘. We will be considering four texts giving a panorama of the Patristic vision of God, man, creation, and redemption, which will guide our discussion when we meet:

  1. St Cyril of Alexandria‘s Commentary on St John’s Gospel, 1.11-1.14
  2. St Basil the Great’s Homily 9, ‘Explaining that God is Not the Cause of Evil’
  3. St Gregory of Nyssa’s Homily 6, on the Beatitudes
  4. St Augustine’s Soliloquies, I.1

They are all available in PDF form in a public Google Drive folder.

Read as many as you can! Many thanks to Joshua Caminiti (Newman Society President) for the texts, and in general to him and all our friends Catholic Chaplaincy for making this happen — looking forward to seeing you there!

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