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About Us

About the Society

The Orthodox Christian Student Society is a dynamic and open community of Oxford students of different nationalities united by Orthodox faith. Its aim is to promote Orthodox Christianity within the university, educate about the history, spirituality and current problems of Orthodoxy in the world, support the dialogue with other Christian denominations and share a Christian message across the university. Our members include final year undergraduate, graduate students and research fellows with a broad spectrum of interests in the early Church, modern theology, spirituality, history, politics, and international relations.

Our Venue

St-Gregorys-HouseWe hold our events in a beautiful Victorian house in north Oxford named after St Gregory of Nyssa (†c. 395) and his sister St Macrina (†379). It is an ecumenical community founded in 1959 by the fellow of Keble College Dr Nicholas Zernov with the aim of promoting a greater understanding between Christians of East and West. An Orthodox church was built in the garden of the house in 1973 and is now shared by two Orthodox parishes of Greek and Russian tradition.

1 Canterbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6LU

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